Saturday, November 16, 2013

But why me, Oh dear Lord?

Living with it for the past 7 years,
Compromising with it for this long.
I took it as a gift of god.
Though detesting it, all the way along.
But why me, Oh dear Lord?

I was but your tender child,
And you bestowed me with half a smile!
I prayed for better to come,
Waited and waited, totally mum,
But why me, Oh dear Lord?

I'm now but the lil beleaguered gal,
Amidst the happiness, very sad;
You gave me the gift.
Now please take it away.
I want all my dimples back again.

I didn't hurt you once,
But you killed me every single day.
With a smile as ugly as I say,
You pierced my heart with a sword,
But why me, Oh dear Lord?

I was but a naughty child,
And you punished me with half a smile?
For crimes, I don't recall,
To oblivion, I now have to crawl,
But why me, Oh dear Lord?

I was but your blessed one,
And you shot me dead with a gun,
I cried. I cried.
And through all this, I survived.
But why me, Oh dear Lord?

I was but the apple of your eye,
And you made me live this pretentious lie!
They laughed and laughed,
As I answered them with one half,
But why me, Oh dear Lord?

I was but a happy child,
You gave me the gift.
Now please take it away.
Oh dear Lord, I beg you..
To take it away.
I want my dimples back again.
Oh dear Lord,
You have to take it away...
Please, take it away...


Wandering alone and getting lost is adventure. But getting lost when someone else is not willing to find a way out is helplessness! One can steer their way through life but it is impossible to move ahead if someone doesnt put their foot off the brakes.

Is this what life was supposed to be all about?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

There are fairytales and there are those who dream of them and some who actually get to live them. You always have those star studded eyes and then with a blink you come face-to-face with reality.
When you are used to living in a protected shell anything that breaches that, hurts you even harder. You yearn for support only to be found it snatched away. And the fear of learning to live all alone gets the better of you.
'Time will tell. Time will make it easier. Time will make you understand.'

Well, Millions of seconds have passed by and nothing seems to have been fixed! Ok, the judgement might be wrong and you wish, pray and hope that it is; for the better of you.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

And this is life? Is this what it is about?

And they say, I'm living my dream! You got to be kidding.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


11-11-11... marked 2 months of whispering sweet nothings. And I'm lovin it!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Social Networking-debate

First yr of Post grad is the one in which most people are least involved in extracurricural activites but it wasn't so in my case maybe due to lesser workload as compared to the other specialities. Thus, I took part in the debate and won the second prize. First, second, third or no prize at all... it won't have made much of a difference to me. It's just that I sometimes love to hear myself on the mike. So, here is the script of my debate:

Merely at the age of 21, when most of us struggling through medical school with books piled up by our bedside and semesters & professionals to look forward to, Mark Zuckerberg the founder & CEO of the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook was already a multi millionaire. Leaving aside the whole FB ,connectU, harvardconnect fiasco he certainly did revolutionized the way we interact with our friends today. From sending friend requests to receiving them, from putting up jazzy profile pictures to changing status updates, from writing on walls to poking, from ‘liking’ to ‘super-liking’ to ‘super-duper liking’ pictures… most of us have done it all.

Respected Judges, teachers, seniors and dear friends, welcome to the world of ‘social networking’. Until sometime back, it was just a mere word. But its transition from just being a ‘word’ to becoming a ‘world’ has been phenomenal!

Accept it or not, Our virtual existence is marked by our Facebook profiles. By ‘Our’, I take the liberty to include more than half the audience present here today. Yes, we do form the small proportion of its 500 million users. No matter how much I hate to accept… but I am a Facebook addict! As soon as the net is connected and the browser is launched there is always… yes… always a compulsion to open our profiles. We may temporary delete our accounts or curse these sites for taking away our valuable time but… you like it or not they have become an INTERGRAL part of our lives!

Actually…On a serious note, these sites are not just merely recreational tools but there is lot more to them. Websites like LinkedIn focus on business and professional networking…. having the right connections can make a HUGE difference in the success or failure of a business. Knowing lots of customers, potential customers & potential partners is always important. In this day and age, the Internet is the place to be…. for everyone . From shopping and selling things, and find what we’re looking for…. Internet seems to have an answer for everything. And if you don’t have a network for selling your product or service… then you certainly are not on the right track.

BTW Are you just being limited to hi5, Orkut, Facebook, big adda or myspace? Well, there is a whole world out there…. There are so many social networking sites dealing with chronic diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction and autism… focusing on helping people… bringing together patients with similar issues and provide valuable information, contacts, peer support, and encouragement. I would not say that misery loves company but it certainly helps knowing how others have fared and faced challenges during the course of their disease.

You definitely can’t ignore the fact that there are social media campaigns going on like the one on micro-blogging site Twitter which was able to raise more than 20 lakh for cancer patients. And not to forget…after all Facebook did fuel the Tunisia uprising and the revolt that toppled it’s authoritarian president.

I would not being doing justice to the topic if don’t mention about one of the popular networking site for doctors… rxpg! During my prep phase for AIPGE… it kept me going. Giving me information about exam notifications, results, counseling and of course the support n help I got from my rxpg friends.

Many of my opponents may argue that these sites potentiate the increasing cybercrime. Well, it is not these sites which are doing harm, it’s the users. Remember, "Guns don't kill people; it’s people who kill people." Had these sites not existed, they would still find ways to harm each other. About the whole privacy issue… I believe it is not the fault of social networking sites, just because of internet’s open nature a lot of information can be gathered from a lot of places. It is we who have to exercise our discretion when posting sensitive information about us. Then again there are features like privacy settings which can easily guard us.

So I again emphasize that the use of social networking sites depends entirely on the individual. It’s a blessing in disguise if we look at it from the development point of view. It’s extremely cost effective and has an enormous reach. All of us are just a click away from each other. We can always stay in touch, no matter how far we may be. And this increased communication definitely strengthens relationships. We no longer have to wait for letters, telegrams, post cards, emails… we are always CONNECTED.

So to conclude, in this fast paced and ever changing world, social networking is a tool and a very handy one.

So tweeple keep the news feeds flowing and the tweets in the twitterverse active!

Thank you!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Gift

Life has been a whirlwind lately. Convincing yet confusing. Clear yet misty.
As seconds tick by questions keep piling. And who has the answers... maybe no one.What the days have taught me is that ACCEPTANCE not approval is what holds everything together.
And it is the most beautiful gift one can ever give and get.